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Welcome to the Babcock LDP SHOP,  we hope you like the changes we have made and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Whilst our website has changed a lot, we haven’t! Babcock LDP is still the best place for all your education services and resources, training and conferences (virtual and face-to-face) and high quality professional online learning.

If you did not get a chance to re-register in March, you will need to register for a new user account. Your school or setting is most likely already set up in our new system, so all you need to do is create your own personal account. Your new account will automatically be linked to your school/setting within your school/organisation account. Setting up an account is really easy and will only take a couple of minutes. 

Over the coming months, we will be launching new features and functions that will improve the service we provide to you and your colleagues.

If you are having any problems please do not hesitate to get in contact using the contact us form or contact us directly using any of the telephone numbers listed here.

Product Recommendations

This three day online Attachment Based Mentoring course aims to meet the specific needs of children who are most in need.
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Through expert keynotes and practical workshops we will explore sex, grooming and online safety, Early Help, ACEs and the safeguarding impact of Covid 19 from Ofsted.
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In these sessions, we will provide the opportunity for supported peer moderation using the Pobble writing moderation tool.  Each session will be led by two writing moderators.

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This online course for practitioners working with pre-reception aged children in early years settings (equivalent to 2 days learning) explores why relationships matter, what a secure relationship looks like and the skills we need in order to build relationships that will make a difference to the young children and infants with whom we work.

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