Initial training for School based attendance staff (online)

Multi Session Event
The Education Welfare Service in Devon are offering a training opportunity to relatively newly appointed, school based colleagues working on attendance in schools and academies in the South West.

This training opportunity is in the form of two, 2 hour training sessions that will support colleagues to contextualise their work, whilst giving them time to consider and develop existing Attendance Practice in schools.  This will also help to develop confidence that will support their role and the valuable work that they do within your school.

Delegates will also receive an electronic pack of key, up-to-date documents including DfE Guidance, relevant extracts from Ofsted documentation, DfE Absence Codes and much more. 
This course provides a safe space to learn and explore the key issues which should help ‘inform’ your schools Attendance Practice.

Training Objectives

These two, 2 hour sessions have been developed as an introductory exploration of the key issues facing the Attendance Professional.  Together, the two sessions will cover areas such as:

  • Government Expectations
  • Registration and Coding
  • Data, Calculations and Reporting
  • Attendance and Safeguarding
  • Pupil Absence - Reasons and Harm
  • Challenge – Policy and Practice
  • Challenge – Legal  
Product Code: EDWF-TRN-01001