Cyber Security in Education Conference (attend online)

During the pandemic, there’s been a significant growth in cyber-crime resulting in the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) issuing 2 alerts to the education sector in March and June this year following an increase in ransomware attacks against schools, colleges and universities in the UK.

Home-grown cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and therefore a rising threat but all the firewalls, security tools, protection and monitoring in the world won’t protect us if we, as fallible humans, are the weakest link.

Our half day Cyber Security in Education Conference will help you to understand what the current threats and risks are and what you can do to mitigate these in your school.


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Training Objectives

  • Understand what cyber-crime is and find out more about current threats affecting schools across the UK
  • Learn more about phishing, smishing and vishing
  • Find out more about dealing with ransomware attacks
  • Learn how to improve the security of your devices at work and at home
  • Learn about social engineering and take part in a case study
  • Understand what good IT security practices should look like in your school
  • And much more!