Supporting Children & Young People with Autism Using Social Narrative Resources and Strategies

Single Event

The Communication and Interaction Team (C&I) are delivering a workshop designed for school staff to develop their knowledge and skills in supporting children and young people with autism using social narrative resources and strategies.

This is a 2 hour workshop and will cover the following topics: Theory and evidence based research for use of social narratives

Overview of:

  • Social stories
  • Comic strip conversations
  • Flow charts and Choice trees
  • Child focused strategies/approaches
  • Open forum to share good practise

Training Objectives

  • The workshop is interactive, practical and focussed on positive outcomes for pupils.
  • Develop skills and knowledge so that delegates can effectively deliver a range of social narrative formats and strategies.
  • Help delegates to produce social narratives conducive for CYP they support.
  • Raise the confidence of staff in order to share skills learnt back into setting with wider teams.
Product Code: SESU-TRN-01040