Mathematics Research Talks

BMR10 - Micro-teaching lesson study – an alternative model for mathematics teacher professional learning 
Speaker: Laurie Jacques
Thursday 30th September 2021: 16:00 - 17:00pm

Micro-teaching lesson study is an adapted iterative lesson study where teachers collaboratively design and teach a learning episode. This is in contrast to traditional lesson study that involves designing a whole research lesson. Laurie will share how this model works for professional learning which was also used as research setting for her recent doctoral work. Eight primary teachers came together for 3 lesson studies, each with a different focus, to collaborate on the design of one-problem-mulitple-changes procedural variation tasks. Three iterations of the same task were designed, revised, retaught in a single morning session. Using the case of one micro-teaching lesson study, Laurie will discuss how the model generated different types of data and how this data contributed to a window on the professional learning of the participating teachers.

Laurie Jacques is an independent consultant ([email protected]) and part-time research fellow at UCL Institute of Education ([email protected])

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