Adolescent/Child to Parent Violence/ Abuse (ACPVA)

Single Event
This webinar is designed to examine the nature and causes of ACPVA, how it manifests in families and the impact it has on young people and their carers. We will explain how ACPVA increases the likelihood of school refusal and impacts attendance and attainment, as well as compromising young people’s relationships
with their peers, school staff and family members, and in turn their mental health. If unaddressed, ACPVA can escalate to produce serious outcomes. We will consider strategies and approaches that can be used
by support professionals in the education, health, social care and criminal justice systems.

The three-hour training is relevant to primary, secondary and special education settings.

Training Objectives

• Gain understanding of ACPVA as a distinct form of family violence
• Be able to identify the characteristic signs of ACPVA and recognise it as a safeguarding issue
• Examine how agencies can become more attuned to the signs of ACPVA
• Understand the needs of the young person through the use of relational approaches and Non Violent Resistance
• Consider the Safety Planning aspects of ACPVA
Product Code: SEBS-TRN-01003