Leading your Curriculum Conference - Ensuring High Impact for Children (attend both sessions online)


All good leaders understand that a great curriculum is at the heart of a great education; a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give learners, particularly the most disadvantaged, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. It needs to set out the aims, including knowledge and skills to be gained at each stage (intent), be translated and delivered in context (implementation), and be evaluated for the knowledge and understanding that children have gained (impact).

We recognise that the recent challenges of the pandemic has meant that school leaders have needed to focus their energies on day to day crisis management, regularly facing conflicting priorities, pulling them away from their curriculum strategy. We have therefore created and adapted this conference to suit your flexible schedule - allowing you to hear from two trail-blazers in the world of school leadership and the curriculum on one day and also have an opportunity to join workshops with a range of practicing leaders on a separate day with something for everyone, including primary, secondary, SEND, and school groups (MATs and Federations). In doing this we hope you can return to your setting, re-energised and refocused, but most importantly with some practical tools for change - without the beneficial content having too much of an impact on your day to day role. 


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Training Objectives

  • To hear from inspirational leaders who have taken successful ownership of the curriculum in their schools
  • To learn more about the use of retrieval practice in ensuring children learn and remember more
  • To gather practical methods and approaches for use in your own school
  • To work with other leaders to explore impactful leadership of the development of your curriculum in relation to a range of settings and challenges, including Ofsted inspection
Product Code: SSIM-TRN-09008