Notions of a Maths Learning Trajectory Conference: Primary Focus (attend online)


Children follow natural developmental progressions in learning. Curriculum research has revealed sequences of activities that are effective in guiding children through these levels of thinking. These developmental paths are the basis for the learning trajectories developed by Doug Clements and Julie Sarama. These learning trajectories have three parts - a learning goal, a developmental path along which children develop to reach that goal, and a set of activities matched to each of the levels of thinking in that path. Together, these help children develop to higher levels of mathematical thinking. Doug Clements will explore and share insights into learning trajectories and how they can support the development of mathematical thinking with children. 

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Training Objectives

  • Hear from internationally renowned early mathematics expert Doug Clements
  • Explore how to support understanding of key mathematical ideas.
  • Deepen understanding of the development of mathematical thinking; most suitable for subject leaders, early years practitioners and KS1 staff but of interest to all involved in mathematics education.
Product Code: MATH-TRN-09000