No Nonsense Number Facts: Fluency Through Reasoning and Oracy - PD Programme

Multi Session Event

Fluency is far more than memorisation of facts; research indicates that focusing mainly on memorisation actually works against fluency. (see Boaler and Zoido, 2016).

A key element of fluency is reasoning; practice that focuses on reasoning strategies, looking for connections, patterns and relationships, is likely to be more effective (see Baroody, 2008). No Nonsense Number Facts provides such purposeful practice and oracy is a key thread running through the materials.

No Nonsense Number Facts provides a coherent programme for supporting fluency in number facts linked to understanding number and the number system, additive reasoning and multiplicative reasoning. It focuses on using understanding of mathematical relationships and making connections between what is known and unknown, putting reasoning and oracy at the heart of teaching for fluency. 

This PD programme involves two 75 minute online sessions with an opportunity to explore ideas in the classroom between the two sessions. These sessions will provide Year 1 to Year 6 teachers with the key information and knowledge required to use No Nonsense Number Facts effectively.

Target participants:

  • Year 1 to Year 6 teachers who have already have the No Nonsense Number Fact programme materials in schools or are interested in purchasing it.

No Nonsense Number Facts - sample material.pdf (

No Nonsense Number Facts - Rebuilding Mathematics Communities with Dr Ruth Trundley - YouTube

No Nonsense Number Facts (Paperback) Raintree


This programme is fully funded for Devon maintained schools (£25 for all other schools).

Training Objectives

  • Become more confident in teaching fluency through reasoning and oracy 
  • Become more familiar with the No Nonsense Number Facts programme materials and how to make the best use of them
Product Code: MATH-TRN-01033