Using iPads with CYP with SEND: clinic/network meeting (online)

Single Event

Turn an iPad into an effective learning tool.

  • Do you have iPads in school that you feel are not being used to their full potential?
  • Do you have pupils with additional needs who would benefit from an alternative way of learning and recording their ideas?
  • Would you like to use an iPad more frequently with pupils but are unsure how to do so?

Our iPad network meetings are a termly get-together providing you with the opportunity to discover useful iPad apps for different areas of education. We will look in detail at the different features of these apps and consider how they can be utilised within your setting.

There will be live demonstrations of apps as well as tips and tricks on how to use some of the built in features of iPads. There will be discussions about accessories you can use to get the most out of your iPad and opportunities to ask questions or troubleshoot any problems you may have.

A key part of these meetings is the chance to ask questions and request support on a specific area of concern or interest that will then feed into subsequent meetings. The meetings will be run by Scott Lowther, an Advisory Teacher for ICT/SEND with extensive experience using iPads whilst working with children and young people with SEND across Devon.


Did you know you can purchase an annual subscription to these 3 network clinics for just £116 (saving of £79): Using iPads with CYP with SEND Network Meetings | Babcock LDP

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