Winter Moorland Walking Leader Assessment

Assessment to become a Winter Moorland Walking Leader.

Pre-Requisites for Assessment:

  • Minimum age of candidate – 18 (In exceptional circumstances an application could be made to the nominated person of the Local Operating Authority).
  • Minimum 40 days recent mountain and/or moorland walking experience, on a variety of routes in more than one area. To include a minimum of 10 days walking in poor visibility, a minimum 10 days group leadership/assistant leadership experience and 10 days in winter conditions.
  • Pre submission of log book of experience plus satisfactory completion of risk assessment, route card and home study paper.

Method of Assessment

  • The candidate will be required to demonstrate effective group leadership during a winter day walk and to show competence in the relevant personal skills. Those who are satisfactory in all aspects of the syllabus will have completed the assessment during a minimum of 8 hours.
  • All assessments require the candidate to demonstrate navigational competence in poor visibility so will be planned to take place at least partially in darkness.
  • Candidates should note that the navigation standard required is equivalent to the National Navigation Award Gold level.
  • Candidates will also be required to complete an assessed written task either in advance of or as part of the practical assessment day. The time required for this is in addition to the 8 hour practical element.

Training Objectives

Approval to lead moorland day walks in winter conditions.