Update: new functionality

We have some great new user functionality on the shop, which will enable you to access your subscription content.

How do I access subscriber area relating to SLAs that I have purchased?

To access subscriber areas, please log into your account on the SHOP and click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen to go to your account area. Please click on the tab headed 'My Subscription Content'. There you will find listed the subscriber areas for the SLAs your organisation has purchased. Please click on the box with the arrow pointing outwards to open the relevant area.

A subscriber area I want to access doesn't appear in the tab.

This will mean that your school/setting has not placed their SLA order for this product. Please contact your School Business Manager to confirm whether an order has been placed for the current financial year.

I have a subscriber area listed that our school has not subscribed to.

Some subscriber areas are available to a wide group of schools/settings. For example, safeguarding content is available to access for all Devon Local Authority maintained schools and settings. They do not need to subscribe to access this area. Therefore, the subscription has automatically been added to your account. Clicking the box with an arrow pointing out next to any of the safeguarding lines will enable you to access the subscription content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my old CPD or e-store login details on the new site?

The new SHOP is on a different platform to both our old e-store and CPD online systems and because your login details were encrypted, it was not possible to transfer passwords into the new system.

Your establishment is likely to already be in the new Shop database, so please register for a new user account (this takes just a minute) and you will be able to access products, services and training immediately.

Is the password case sensitive?

Yes. Passwords must be typed in the case they were created in. They do not require a capital letter, but must include some letters and some numbers. They must also be at least 10 characters long.

I’m CPD Leader and I do not want anyone else in my establishment to be able to purchase Training and Conference products.

By default all new user registrations will be able to add any type of product to their establishment's basket and will be able to check out these products. Devon Local Authority schools, settings and academies have the ability to manage user permissions if you do not want to allow everyone checkout permissions. 

Devon Local Authority schools, settings and academies have four levels of user permissions:

  • Organisation Administrator (this is likely to be the person who is authorised to purchase SLAs e.g. headteacher, SBM, school administrator): this type of user will be able to add any product (subscription, consultancy, training, resources) to your establishment’s wish list, transfer wish list items to your basket and checkout your basket. They will also be able to assign user permissions to other users in your establishment. The Administrator of the account will automatically receive an email notification whenever a new user registers at their school.
  • SLA: this type of user will be able to add service level agreements (consultancy and subscription services) products to your establishment's basket and checkout these products.
  • CPD: this type of user will be able to add training and resource products to your establishment's basket and checkout these products.
  • Digital Resources: (all other users with accounts attached to your establishment): this type of user will only be able to checkout digital resources and add other products to your establishment's wish list

The person/people with Administrator permissions will be able to remove user permissions from other users’ accounts in your establishment e.g. make them default users only with no purchasing permissions.

How do I get school administrator account permissions?

Contact us at [email protected] and we can set this up for you. Please send us an email from someone in your school leadership team, school business manager etc. and provide us with your username (email address) for the establishment for which you require admin account permissions.

I’m a CPD Leader – I am not able to checkout training products nor can I add delegate names.

You will need to contact your school administrator or headteacher, who should have the user access to manage school users' permissions on the Shop. Ask them to give you permission to checkout CPD products. This will mean that you will be able to:

  • Add courses and conferences to your school account wish list and basket
  • Add delegate names to places that you purchase (if those members of staff do not yet have a user account on the new system, they will receive an email prompting them to create an account)
  • Checkout your CPD purchases
  • View your school account purchasing history to see what CPD you have purchased and what delegate names you entered for each course (whilst the new SHOP will not provide a CPD record for each member of staff, you will be able to see what you purchased and for whom)

How do I book a colleague on to a course?

There are several ways you can assign delegates onto courses that you have purchased:
  • When you add a course to your basket on the shop
  • Prior to final checkout on the shop
  • Post checkout via your Access Admin Area on the shop

How does my colleague access an online learning course I have purchased for them?

When you have purchased a user licence to one of our recorded webinars/online learning programme, you can assign access to someone from your establishment via the Access Admin Area on the shop as long as you have organisation administrator rights. To do so, please log in and go to your account area by clicking your name in the top right hand corner of the screen. Click on the Access Admin Area button and go to Our Online Courses. You will see the licences there that you have purchased. One licence will be automatically assigned to you as the purchaser. If you need to complete the course yourself, then you can access the content in the My Online Courses section of your account. If you need to assign the course to a colleague, please click on the blue View Assigned button. You will see your name listed and the option to click Remove licence. Once you have clicked that and confirmed you wish to proceed, you can then click on the blue Assign User button and follow the on screen instructions to allocate it to your colleague.

If you purchase the Greater Depth Writing online learning product, this is a whole site licence for your individual school/single establishment (not the whole trust) and so will be automatically assigned to every user who is registered at your school with a web account. If a new user registers against your individual school/single establishment, they will be automatically assigned to the course and will be able to find it in "my online courses". This can all be managed and viewed in the organisation admin area.

Will the delegate I book on be notified of their place on the course/online learning resource?

Yes. If they already have a user account on shop, they will be directed to login. They will be able to see their event details in the 'My Events' tab in their Account Area and their online learning in the 'My Online Courses' tab. If they do not already have a user account on the shop, they will be directed to register for an account, then they will be able to view their event details.

For training events, the delegate will be contacted 5 days and 1 day prior to the event with further details.

One of the users has left my establishment. How do I remove their account?

Users aren’t removed from the system in order to ensure you have a complete order history against your setting.

If the staff member has left, your organisation administrator can suspend their account, so they no longer have access or show in the school’s view.

I have moved to another setting. How do I update my account?

You will need to register again for a new account using the e-mail address and details of your new employer.

My e-mail address/name has changed. How do I update my account?

If your whole setting has changed their e-mail addresses (e.g. gone to a different server, or joined a MAT/federation), please contact us and we will do an update for all users on the system. We will then e-mail all users with their new usernames.

If an individual user has changed their e-mail address, they will need to register for a new account, as the e-mail address is the username and will be associated with past orders.

I’m a CPD Leader – can I book training places on behalf of other people in my school?

Yes.  When you add training places to your school basket you will be prompted to add the names and contact details of the delegates who you would like to attend the course. The people you add as delegates do not need to have user accounts on this site, as they will be prompted to register once you have make the booking.

How will I download certificates from the new SHOP?

There are no certificates of attendance for our virtual events (except for statutory courses).  Although the SHOP site is a purchasing site and not a CPD record keeping system, we are in discussions with the site developers and we are looking at how we can provide certificates of attendance on all our events.  

I have clicked a product filter, but there are no results appearing.

There are currently no products available under that filter. Please try another category by using our menu at the top of the site, and also check back regularly to see for any new products or courses that have been added to the SHOP.

Do I have to name my wish list?

Yes. Products cannot be added to an unnamed wish list. Once created, the wish list will stay on the SHOP so you can access it and add/remove additional products at any point.

Can I save my basket and come back to it later?

If you create an account on our SHOP, any items added to the basket or wish list once you have logged in will remain in there until you remove them.

If you have no account on the SHOP, then your basket will not be saved.

How do I checkout a quote that has been added for me?

Please log into your account on the SHOP and go to your account area by clicking on your name on the top right hand corner. Please then go to the quotes section, view quote, convert to basket and follow the steps to checkout.

Can I pay by card?

Any user who links themselves to a school or Early Years setting can request to pay by either invoice or credit card. Private individuals/organisations will only be able to pay via credit card.

How do I add a Purchase Order (PO) reference to my order?

When you come to checkout your items, you will be asked to put in a customer reference. If you enter your PO number there, it will appear on the order and invoice.

Please note that a PO number applies to all items within an order. If you would like different PO numbers to apply to different items, please check them out in different orders.

Can I add a note to my order?

We are unable to add a note to an order that will appear on your invoice, but notes against orders can be viewed in the "My Account" section of the website, so please do use that facility. Please ask us if you would like something to be added in, and we can do this for you.

How do I request a refund or credit note?

Please log into your account and go to the "My Account" area of the website by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen. Go to your Order History tab, find the order line you would like to request a refund for and click the refund button. You will be asked to add in some short detail about why you would like a credit note, and then the request will be submitted for our finance team to review. Once it has been approved you will receive an e-mail notification.