Frequently Asked Questions

How will I download certificates from the new SHOP

From 1st April, certificates will be handed out at the end of each training course.  Electronic copies will not be stored on the new SHOP site.  The new SHOP site is a purchasing site, not a CPD record keeping system.

Can I use my old cpd or estore login details on the new site?

The new SHOP is on a different platform to both our old estore and cpd online systems and because your login details were encrypted it was not possible to transfer passwords into the new system.

Your establishment is likely to already be in the new Shop database, so please register for a new user account (this takes just a minute) and you will be able to access products, services and training immediately.

I’m a CPD Leader – can I book training places on behalf of other people in my school?

Yes.  When you add training places to your school basket you will be prompted to add the names and contact details of the delegates who you would like to attend the course.  The people you add as delegates do not need to have user accounts on this site.

I’m a CPD Leader – I am not able to checkout training products nor can I add delegate names.

You will need to contact your school administrator or headteacher, who should have the user access to manage school users' permissions on the Shop.  Ask them to give you permission to checkout cpd products.

This will mean that you will be able to:

  • add courses and conferences to your school account wishlist and basket
  • add delegate names to places that you purchase (even if those members of staff do not have a user account on the new system)
  • checkout your CPD purchases
  • view your school account purchasing history to see what CPD you have purchased and what delegate names you entered for each course (whilst the new SHOP will not provide a CPD record for each member of staff, you will be able to see what you purchased and for whom).

I’m CPD Leader and I do not want anyone else in my establishment to be able to purchase Training and Conference products.

By default all new user registrations will be able to add any type of product to their establishment's basket and will be able to checkout these products.  If you do not want to allow everyone checkout permissions your SHOP school account administrator will be able to manage user permissions.  

Your establishment’s account has three levels of user permissions:

  • Administrator (this is likely to be the person who is authorised to purchase SLAs e.g. headteacher, SBM, school administrator): this type of user will be able to add any product (subscription, consultancy, training, resources) to your establishment’s wish list, transfer wish list items to your basket and checkout your basket. They will also be able to assign user permissions to other users in your establishment.  The Administrator of the account will automatically receive an email notification whenever a new user registers at their school.
  • CPD: this type of user will be able to add training and resource products to your establishment's basket and checkout these products
  • SLA: this type of user will be able to add service level agreements (consultancy and subscription services) products to your establishment's basket and checkout these products
  • Digital Resources: (all other users with accounts attached to your establishment): this type of user will only be able to checkout digital resources and add other products to your establishment's wish list

The person/people with Administrator permissions will be able to remove user permissions from other users’ accounts in your establishment e.g. make them Default users only with no purchasing permissions.

I would like school SHOP account permissions please?

Contact us at BabcockEducationSW@babcockinternational.com and we can set this up for you. Please send us an email from someone in your school leadership team, school business manager etc. and provide us with your username (email address) for the establishment for which you require admin account permissions.