School Library Service Hot Reads Package

Consultancy, Subscription

Helping you to get the best of the approximately 10,000 new children’s books published every year, one of our experienced advisers endeavours to read and research as many as possible and pick out a selection of the best for each Key Stage.

Hot Reads for Foundation/KS1 include new illustrators with a range of styles, books which will read aloud well, good examples of rhyme or patterned language and a short chapter book for more able readers.

At KS2 the aim is to create a list which reflects different genre and styles suitable for a range of reading ages and abilities.

Fresh writing talent is favoured over established authors with whom teachers and librarians may already be familiar. 

The non-fiction lists are chosen by the centre staff to reflect a broad range of leisure interests.

Our Hot Read subscription package will include:

  • KS1 and KS2 fiction lists published twice yearly in the Summer and Autumn terms.

  • KS1 and KS2 non-fiction lists published once yearly in the Autumn term.

  • Plus ALL of the books on these lists - approximately 67 books.

All have plastic jackets, stationery and are delivered free to your school.

Product Code: SLSS-SUB-01013