Supporting children and their families within the context of COVID-19: Advice and guidance for teaching staff - All Resources (recorded sessions)


This training is designed to provide teaching staff with advice and guidance for supporting children and their families with some of the challenges associated with the pandemic, COVID-19. The training consists of three parts, including: 

1) A general introduction to the impact of COVID-19 upon children and families

2) Information concerning trauma, loss and grief in relation to the pandemic

3) Specific ways in which teaching staff can respond in their roles to support children and families - a video for Primary and Secondary and a video for EYFS

These videos are aligned with our Babcock LDP document “Guidance on supporting EHWB for staff and pupils in Devon’s schools 2020” and we recommend reading this document alongside the training. This guidance can be found on our website

The training aims to provide teaching staff with greater insight to the potential difficulties posed by the pandemic, while also providing useful and meaningful advice which can be used to directly, or indirectly, improve the outcomes for families affected by the pandemic. 

We believe this training will be valuable to teaching staff who are seeking to understand more about the widespread impact of the pandemic, while ensuring that anyone experiencing this training will have a greater recognition for how they can support others in their role.
Product Code: EPSS-RES-01002