Guidance for Developing Relational Practice and Policy (hard copy book)


Guidance for Developing Relational Practice and Policy aims to support the inclusion, engagement and outcomes for all children and young people with a particular focus on those who are vulnerable to and at risk of exclusion. The guidance was written in response to well documented concerns regarding young people’s mental health and well-being and long standing national trends which show the disproportionate exclusion of children from vulnerable groups.

The document describes an approach to teaching and learning which influences whole school ethos and systems as well as universal teaching practice and targeted support. It supports the development of Relational Behaviour Policies which take into account current research and theory from the fields of attachment and trauma, effective support for inclusion and on improving behaviour in schools.

There are three main components to the relational model, Developing Relationships, Responding and Calming and Repairing and Restoring as well as guidance on working in relationship in the classroom and through a graduated response. The approaches should be used universally as good quality first teaching and in a planned and timely fashion to target early intervention for children and young people who may be at risk of exclusion.

Product Code: EPSS-CON-02011