Attachment Based Beginnings: A Relational approach to learning, development and well-being in the Early Years

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Attachment Based Beginnings online course for practitioners working with pre-reception aged children in early years settings (Equivalent to 2 days learning)

This course has been created in partnership with our Early Years, Educational Psychology and Social Emotional and Mental Health teams. Sometimes we can be at a loss to know how to respond to children and we can feel disempowered or frustrated that we don’t seem to be able to manage a child’s behaviour. This course will help you build the skills you need to see beyond the behaviour and begin to understand what that behaviour is telling us. More importantly it will help us understand how we can respond differently to support that child.
Attachment Based Beginnings is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of staff working with pre-Reception children aged 2 years plus.

The course explores some of the theories which underpin our understanding of effective relationships and their role in development, learning and well-being as well as developing the skills and practical strategies that we need to use in our work with children.

The course covers:

  • Why significant relationships are the key to development, learning and wellbeing (particularly in the early years)
  • The neurobiology of emotions, behaviour and social development
  • Attachment theory
  • The impact of anxious attachments on thoughts, feelings and behaviour and what we can do to help
  • The cornerstones of relationships – Protection, Connection, Understanding and Care

Product Code: EPSS-RES-01006