Preparing and Modifying Text for Children and Young People (CYP) with Visual Impairment (VI) in Your School

Resources, Training/Conference

The course is aimed at school staff supporting CYP in year 5 to Post 19 and will provide information on how to prepare and modify resources for children and young people who have visual impairment (VI), enabling them to access the curriculum alongside their fully sighted peers.

Throughout the course, we will explain the importance of ensuring resources are visually accessible both in lessons and during assessments. We will provide practical advice on the considerations required for preparing any text based resource and offer subject specific considerations, as well as suggestions for low- and high-tech enhancements to resources.

School staff members who work with CYP following a mainstream curriculum in year 5 and above will find this content of benefit as it contains a variety of example resources which will be discussed and evaluated, as well as activities which will enable you to apply your knowledge developing skills to suggest appropriate adaptation and modification techniques.

This course will support schools to raise their aspirations and expectations for the low-incidence group of learners who have a visual impairment. It will build capacity and confidence of staff to prepare high quality modified learning resources, which enable CYP with VI to be fully included in lessons.

By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of the importance of timely and appropriately prepared resources, and how to create these to suit the individual needs of a CYP with a VI

You will learn:
  • Awareness of the needs of a CYP who has a visual impairment
  • Essential information on providing appropriately modified texts
  • Considerations for modifying exam papers for large print users
  • Modification issues for individual subject areas
Audience: Teaching Assistants, Class Teachers, HLTAs, SENDCos, Librarians and Resource Managers

Based on advice from RNIB’s Well Prepared book, with a focus on SATs and GCSE preparation.
Product Code: SESU-RES-01020