Statutory Assessment Professional Development subscription Y2 and Y6

Subscription, Training/Conference

In anticipation of a typical statutory assessment process taking place in 2022, Babcock LDP (on behalf of the LA) are offering support for Y2 and Y6 teachers in a similar way to previous years, but with additional elements reflecting the unusual circumstances of the 2022 cycle.

To reflect the enhanced need for professional development due to there having been two years with no statutory processes, we have created a package which we hope is cost effective and comprehensive.

What is it?

This package is a school package which covers statutory training for Y2 and Y6 plus regular standardisation and moderation of writing sessions through the year (3 sessions).  Per school it includes:

  • Virtual Attendance at Y2 and Y6 statutory training day in November for 1 teacher from each of Y2 and Y6
  • 3 standardisation/moderation of writing twilight sessions for 1 teacher from Y2 and Y6 (1 in Autumn, 2 in Spring term) 3.45-5.15pm
  • School access to the ‘Pobble’ moderation tool
  • Additional option to add on standardisation and moderation support for Y1, Y3/4 and Y5 through 2 meetings (1 in Autumn and 1 Spring for each phase)

What is the cost?

  • Y2 and Y6 only package: £350 +VAT per school (additional teachers £100 +VAT)
  • Additional writing moderation support (Y1, 3/4, 5): £150 +VAT per school
Product Code: ENGL-SUB-01012