The English team offer up-to-date guidance and support to enable schools to develop and enhance their understanding of how children learn and the most effective ways to support learning.

We support teachers, teaching assistants, schools, subject leaders, senior leaders and groups of schools to develop their teaching of English as part of whole school improvement. We work with ITT institutions, Exeter University, Edge Hill University, The Institute of Education (UCL), FFT and other local authorities to bring the broadest range of ideas to classrooms.

Product Recommendations

Package of 3 meetings (1 per term, per person).

A chance to network with colleagues and hear the latest curriculum advice.

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Developing Fluency in reading for many children is the missing key to successful enjoyment and understanding of texts.
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We would encourage you to join us for an information webinar to be led by Rebecca Cosgrave and Simon, a former school leader and founder of Pobble. Simon will give you a demo of the platform and share how schools are already benefiting from using Pobble and Rebecca will share the feedback and benefits of the online moderation tool for us in Devon.
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