The Mathematics team offer up-to-date guidance and support to enable schools to develop and enhance their understanding of how children learn and the most effective ways to support learning.

We are experienced at working with all those involved in learning and teaching at the primary level - children, teachers, teaching assistants, subject leaders, senior leadership teams, head teachers, governors and parents.

Our high quality support is based upon our advisers being experienced, enthusiastic and at the forefront of national and local initiatives. Schools who have already accessed this support have consistently fed back positively on the standard of our work and we are holders of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics' Continuing Professional Development Standard.

Product Recommendations

When children returned to school following the first lockdown, many teachers reported learners were less willing to engage in discussion and to share and explain their thinking in maths. Maths communities centred on reasoning needed to be re-established. As we enter another period with many children learning remotely, we will explore the lessons we can learn and the strategies we can use.
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We are offering a range of one hour PD sessions focussed on specific areas of mathematics, which will allow teachers to work on some maths together as part of a wider mathematics community. This will include exploring understanding of concepts and structures and considering how to make best use of the ideas with learners.

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Diagnostic assessment is an approach to assessment that helps teachers to get to the bottom of their children’s understanding, and it has never been more important.
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