Leadership and Governance

The work of governing boards is increasingly being scrutinised and judged. Boards need to be able to rely on a trusted and experienced source of training, information and advice to support them in the valuable work that they do, and to ensure that they meet their legal responsibilities. 

We know and understand first-hand the challenges facing school governors, trustees and clerks. Our experienced staff support, inform, guide, train and advise governors, trustees, headteachers and clerks as they seek to achieve and maintain high-quality governance within their schools in a modern climate of clear, confident, strategic leadership and sharply focused accountability.

Our aim is to:

  • Understand the unique strengths and challenges within each school
  • Provide proven quality assurance and sound practical guidance on all aspects of school improvement
  • Provide the insight and challenge that school leaders value
  • Provide essential, cutting-edge information on the national picture in education
  • Facilitate effective school to school support

Sub Themes within Leadership and Governance

School Improvement Consultancy

Our visits provide challenge and insight to support your school to achieve its goals.

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Data and Assessment

The Data and Assessment team support schools by providing effective advice and guidance on all elements of data and assessment.

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The Babcock LDP Finance Consultancy Team provides independent financial advice and training to school and academy finance staff and senior leadership.

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The Governance Consultancy team knows and understands first hand the challenges facing school governors, trustees and clerks.

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Newly Qualified Teachers’ Support

NQT induction and support for NQT tutors

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Data Protection (GDPR)

Babcock LDP has teamed up with an experienced public sector data protection consultancy business to offer schools unique solutions.

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